Turning my passion into a business


Interview for Foundr Magazine

My passion for drawing and creativity • How and why I started my business • Tips for budding entrepreneurs • The importance of upskilling and continuous learning

Travel Like a Boss: Podcast Interview with Molly Maine


Interview for the Travel Like a Boss Podcast

How and why I started my own business • The creative process • Digital nomad life • The importance of goal setting

The Travelling Working Dream with Molly Maine


Interview for Refinery 29

Pros & cons of the DN life • How to stay motivated • Working remotely • My working day

Coworkers of the World: Meet Molly Maine


Interview for Coworker Magazine

Travelling to 42 countries • What I'm working on • Running my own business

Location Independence with Molly Maine


Interview for Chasing Waterfalls travel blog

Location independence • Living and working in Thailand • Living the digital nomad life

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